Why use a free logo maker?

Why use a free logo maker?
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Why use a free logo maker?

Free Logo Maker! Why you should create your own logo?

Because you are smart! Choosing a free logo maker tool is the best way to have freedom during your logo making and design procedure while simultaneously reach for the best possible brand for your company.

Let’s imagine this situation:

Meet Jacob: Jacob is a 45 year lazy guy who decided he needed to open a new business. To open it he wants a logo and he knows nothing about design or Internet and therefore he felt in the trap of buying a design from a design company near his business headquarters. Guess how much he paid? 5.000€. Jacob thinks it is a fair price as the team did a huge logo research that took 2 months (they say) and came up with 10 logo suggestions. Jacob didn’t like any of them, but he felt the design company was smarter than him and as he was lazy to complain he accepted it.


His new company just started and is already having a loss, a big one.

Meet Vincent: Vincent is a 29 year old successful guy who just started his 3rd company and needs a top and unique logo to be ready in 1 day. He knows nothing about design but knows about internet. After a quick search in google he came across A Logo Maker and after 30 minutes of selection on the free logo maker tool and eventually some debate with his company partners, he had an eccentric logo which cost was almost nothing. In fact, he just saved time and more than 4950€!


Who would you want to be? The successful Vincent or the lazy Jacob? I’m sure you want to be in a comfortable place and avoid huge expenses. So we suggest you to use A Logo Maker if you need a free logo maker online application.

We can actually give you 5 reasons why this is the optimal solution for your business:

1. Do it yourself

Looking on the Yellow Pages for designers and design companies can consume hours. You’d then need to schedule an appointment with each and decide which one to hire. A process of research has to take place and you only have a proposal after some weeks or months. Your business just lost sales during that period.

What if you could simply drag-and-drop text and designs to build your logo? What if this process could take just a few minutes? What if you could get it all done with your own work, without wasted meetings and failed logo suggestions and even the so called research period you would not understand its need?


With A Logo Maker, that is the way to do things.

2. Your taste

Do you like red? Okay, but what type of red? There are hundreds of thousands of red colours and a designer wouldn’t know the right red for your logo unless you could make trial and error.

Do you want a car on your logo? Okay, but what type of car? There are dozens of cars in our logo suggestions that you can choose from and then edit to find your desired dimension and colour combination.

You got the point, correct? The proper way to make your taste get valued is to do it yourself with our free logo maker tool, because your taste matters a lot.

3. Thousands to compare

A design company or a general designer would come up with 10 suggestions. We got you covered for thousands!

4. Free Vector File

Designers often ask you what dimensions you need for your logo and deliver you those dimensions only in .png and .jpg. Those files cannot be edited or properly resized and consequentially in the event you need to change your logo, you may have to contact again the designer and ask him for more dimensions – eventually he will charge for that!

This is why we offer you a free vector file packed with your logo purchase. So, when you purchase your logo you will get an additional .svg file that can be completely edited by you or a printer store using Adobe Illustrator for the purpose of adjusting sizes and dimensions and change the logo structure, layers and position.

5. Unlimited testing for free

With our free logo maker tool, you can freely test hundreds of logo combinations and chose the most appropriate one before purchasing. Testing is totally free, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

But there is more: You can edit your logo on a mobile phone, a tablet or a regular MAC or PC. If you start your process on your phone, you may login via the PC and continue editing until you make a delightful logo!

Use our free logo maker to create your Logo Online!