Why make your own logo?

Why make your own logo?
Logo Design
Why make your own logo?

How A Logo Maker can save your money, time and make you happy?

To solve unusual tasks, like logo design, corporations tend to hire professionals who may be skilled to deliver their specific needs. They do this since it is not a good idea to hire a new employee for a design position when the company only needs a logo and eventually some business cards to complement. But things are changing and we will show you how companies are saving money on design and avoid spending huge sums of cash hiring people and in its place opting for using great tools like a logo maker or a business card maker.

DIY – A trend?

The Do-It-Yourself concept has been widely applied for the consumer market, with companies like IKEA selling furniture that needs to be mounted after the purchase. Unlike what people would expect back in the days the DIY concept was put in practice by IKEA, people actually loved it! The DIY is not only a way for people to save money on their purchases but also a way to have fun alone or with family and friends.


We strongly believe that the DIY concept applies to a logo maker pursuing 3 key factors:

  1. Clients save money – A logo designer would cost between 500-5.000€ (in some cases logo designs can cost over 1 billion euros, but those are extreme situations);
  2. Clients have fun doing their own logo – All our customers enjoyed the experience of making a logo and in the end they are able to spell out loud: “I did my company logo!” just like the “Wow moment” when we finish making a puzzle.
  3. Clients save time – Huge amounts of time! Can you imagine the troubles of meeting the designer, setting up payments, negotiating those payments and deadlines, the accepting and rejecting process and in the end you get something that isn’t quite what you were looking for but something the designer thinks would help your company. This kind of situation would never happen with A Logo Maker!

Therefore if you are starting a company or you are worried about costs and quality of your design work, opt for a logo maker online tool. Just follow this message:

A Logo Maker is available everywhere!

Unlike most logo making and logo designing tools, you need to get a PC to test the tool. With A Logo Maker you can do it all yourself wherever you are. It simply means you can save time starting your design while you are in the subway or in the bus using your smart phone or tablet and when you reach your home or office you can make the final adjustments and then save and download your logo.


Currently A Logo Maker works in any platform:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • PC
  • MAC
  • iPhone and iPad

You may simply open your browser and run the tool. Make sure you open a quick account so all your designs are saved for you to test and decide which ones you need to download.

A Logo Maker will make you happy!

One of the main worries that people looking for good logos have is: What if I need to resize my logo? And what if I need my logo with a transparent background or a blue or green or orange one? Or if I need a specific text font?

These are good questions and the answers will definitely make you happy with this logo making tool. Firstly, we ship a .svg and a .eps file which helps you resize your logo without facing any issue: Either if you want a 300×800 pixels logo or a 8000×9000 pixels logo, with the .svg and .eps files you may resize to any dimension. Secondly, you get a .png file which has a transparent background and together with the .svg and .eps file you may input any background you want on them. Thirdly: all of these file types are free and packed with your .jpeg and .pdf logo files.

Make your own logo now