How to make your own logo?

How to make your own logo?
Logo Design
How to make your own logo?

How to make your own logo via a logo maker app?


A Logo making process used to be complicated to do and expensive as a company would need to hire a designer or a design company and pay him between 500€-5.000€ just to make a logo happen, some companies even spent 13 million euros to design one like ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group logo) and they are nothing special like you may see below. But that has changed!

(Correct, the above logo costed 13.000.000€)

How to get thousands of logo design suggestions?

Nowadays many companies and specifically tech start-ups recognize that this amount of money has a very high cost of opportunity. One could invest 5.000€ in wages or rent or buying goods, but spending that much money for a logo isn’t anymore a reality as you can build at your taste with A Logo Maker and chose from thousands of logos.

Out of those thousands of logos designs to select from, you may edit them even further to match your taste. Not only your logo will follow your preferences but it will be very unique and modern. All the logos at A Logo Maker are designed by our professional team with 20 years of cumulative experience in the logo design field. With our logo maker you can design logos with 3 goals: Flat Design; Simplicity and Creativity!

Therefore we can suggest you 5 rules for the best process on online logo making.

#1: Use A Logo Maker

For the reasons mentioned above and specifically to save you money; generate a unique design; save time; be creative; follow the flat-design trends and making logos to smash your competition, opt for our free to edit tool and when you’re ready output your logo design in one of several formats, like .svg or .png.

#2: Think, Think, Think

There are 3 things to think about before jumping into the logo design field.

  1. Think about how you want your logo to be. Write down 3 characteristics it should have.
  2. Think how you want your costumers to perceive your business. Write 3 appreciations you want them to make of your business.
  3. Think about what you are going to sell. Write down 1-3 things that will represent most of your sales.

#3: Take Action

With this intel, you are prepared to navigate into our logo library. Simply head into our Logo Making page; choose a category that suits your business; insert a business name and optionally insert your slogan.

Now you have access to our logo library. Choose the design you like and remember to follow the top 10 tips to design a logo (hyperlink) article we’ve told you about here.

#4: Think about colors

There are millions of colors in the world and actually some businesses have some colors very related to their business such as:

Green: For environment dedicated activities

Blue: For Flying, Sea, Ice

Purple or Pink: For flowers, Girls Dressing

Not only that, but colors are very related to emotions and psychology. The below guide will help you choose the right logo color for your business following the emotions you want your clients to feel:

Think properly about the colors that make your business and adjust your logo design to those colors. Make sure your logo color is related to your company name color and that the slogan fits in the structure.

Make sure you align everything to the center of the framework. Repeat this process until you’ve find 4-5 logo variations. Save them.

Suggestion: Sit together with someone who has a good tendency to criticize everything while being good at giving nice arguments when navigating to your logo selection. Select some designs and let him give his/her opinion. Note down the suggestions. Ask random people which logo they prefer without telling them what your business is: Note down their preference; note down what the logo suggests them. Repeat this process with 5-10 people.

Analyse the statistics you’ve just got.

#5: Choose your final logo and shoot for it!

Up until here, A Logo Maker is able to offer you a free process to edit and make your logos. Now it is time to buy a logo that will fit your needs. Simply choose one of our 80 payment methods and get all the rights you need as well as vector files for your logo design.

Final Remarks on making a logo design

This process is just a suggestion if you are struggling to make a top performing logo for your company. There are many roads that will read to Rome and you need to choose one but have in mind that a better road will lead you quicker and more comfortable to Rome, so spent some time trying different options and then shoot for the sky with your business.

Well, it is okay to spend some hours or a couple of days in this process, but don’t spend an eternity on this! Logos are not permanent, even companies such as Facebook change their logos. Check how after 10 years, Facebook decided to change it; on the left is the old logo, and on the right is the new one:

We wish you best of luck with your logo design and more importantly, with your business!

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