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Logo Design Tips
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Logo Design Tips

Free Logo Design Tips for 2019


Do you believe you are making a great logo for your company? A Logo Design is not only about making the most fancy cartoon and add your business name below it.

Designing your logo is one of the supreme steps for your company as it will become of the biggest drivers of attention and eventually sales.

To avoid making the biggest mistakes on logo design that can cost your business a fortune, we leave you the Top 10 Tips for a great logo design and these tips apply if you are using our professional online logo maker or if you prefer to hire a designer for the job, which can cost you several hundred dollars. Either way, make sure you bookmark this page so you can evaluate your logo.

#1 Do not use gradient


Drawing a good logo with gradient can be expensive if you are going to print the logo simply because some printers won’t recognize the colors in the proper way and give you a distorted color result for your logo design.

If we speak about trends, there was one where all the logos used to have gradient but currently a major movement is flat design: This trend can be understood just as an old saying, K.I.S.S, meaning “Keep it Simple, Stupid” (Without trying to offend you as our beloved customer). This idea is based on the belief that design, including logo design, should be simplified at maximum while at the same time is a return to a classical digital look and feeling, without unnecessary complications.

A good example of a company who moved from a gradient logo to a flat design is Windows.

#2 Run away from Backgrounds


Your logo design should create a look that can fit any background or at least most of the backgrounds. So, don’t limit your choices and leave your background as transparent so you can adjust it to any background from your presentations, paperwork or envelopes. When you get a logo from our online tool, you will receive 3 files: an .svg, a .png and .pdf. The .png has already a transparent background so you can put it the way you want in your brand materials.


Check how the same logo from Windows fits a random background. Note that due to the K.I.S.S. strategy they were able to change the color of the logo to white and still, people quickly associate the logo to the famous brand.


#3 Get a 2nd and 3rd opinions

This is one of the best tips you may get as you are asking from insight from real clients. Ask random people what they think about your logo (not only your close family and friends). These people might even see wat you didn’t saw at first, like the below famous logo fail:

#4 Rotate your logo to see what happens

Embedded in our online logo maker you have the option to rotate the logo for 360 degrees. Make sure you rotate your design and lettering and zoom-in and zoom-out to see if any perverse or undesired designs come to your sight.



#5 You don’t always need a Slogan for your logo

If your company is already established on the market, you may not need a specific slogan in your logo or if your company name or design already tells about your business you can save any slogans for your catalogs and avoid placing it on your logo design. For example a company called “FSD” would need a slogan as the letters themselves don’t give us a good idea of what the company is doing.


But a company called “Booking” and having a plane in the logo design wouldn’t need a slogan below all of that.


Lastly, a slogan is most of the times considered temporary. Your slogan can change every year according to your business activity and marketing and therefore if your company is attached to a slogan it can create a barrier for some future marketing campaigns.


#6 Avoid naming a company with your initials


Let’s say your name is Mark and you decide to open a company with Joane to make websites. You are so attached that in result you both name the company as “MJ”. What are the consequences of this mistake?


Firstly, you are loosing an important opportunity to tell what your company is about and therefore you’re demanding a slogan. Secondly, people can associate different things to the initials: Eventually “Mary Jane” and definitely not way you wanted it to be.  Thirdly, there are plenty of companies names in this wrong fashion and you may not be able to register your company name as a trademark or buy a domain name. If Mark and Joan are thinking about making a website company, why not having “Website” or “Web” on its name?


Below is a company making mistake with initials (and gradient as well).



#7 Make sure your logo has a vector/svg file


Independently of having a cheap or expensive logo design, make sure you get the vector file. You did your logo and therefore you have the right to own it and do whatever you want later one. That is why we give you a .svg file that contains not only your logo but allows you to resize, edit and modify your project in a later stage.


The .svg is a type of vector that can be edited using advanced design programs like Adobe Illustrator. This tip will certainly allow you to save money on re-designs later on.


#8 Avoid Plain 3D Fonts and Logos


Together with the flat design trend, you won’t see anymore crazy 3D fonts on the logos. Those are not easy to read, are heavy, and definitely are not K.I.S.S.


Unless you are making a Minecraft competitor, please don’t use this type of lettering:



And about 3D Designs, just K.I.S.S it again:


#9 Don’t make a confusing logo


A Logo with too many cartoons and things that don’t easily glue, is a bad logo design. Your logo should have an explicit message and not being a folklore of glued pictures, unless you have a folklore company. Here are some complicated logo’s that you should avoid:


#10 Abstract or not abstract

When people ask us if they should make an abstract logo we immediately say “No”.

The logo can be abstract in the way the concept isn’t directly explicit and that can definitely happen in the “Business and Consulting” category of companies. The abstractness on a logo should be a key-factor to make your logo stand in the implicit world of business where clever thinking is appreciated.

But, if your goal is to drive sales and clients with your logo, then make it simple and clear: selling bicycles? Use a bicycle for the logo; selling TV’s? Use a flat TV for that purpose.

Are the above logo’s abstract? It only depends on your perspective!

Overall, it is your logo it should be simple, clear, straight-forward to understand at the first glance and attractive.

Now that you know the top 10 tips to make a logo, you are ready to start your own!

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