Why use a logo maker app

Why use a logo maker app
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Why use a logo maker app

Online Logo maker vs Offline Logo maker?

Have you wondered whether you should opt to download a logo maker app to your computer or MAC or Android or iOS or make it online in any platform? We are going to give you some insights on the 5 advantages an online logo maker tool versus a downloaded app to make logos.

The Online Logo maker stores everything in the cloud

We are in the era of cloud computing and therefore you should enjoy the cloud protection for the logos you make, just like you do with your Dropbox or Google Drive. Using A Logo Maker your drafts and final logos are saved in the cloud system and if you need to access them later on, they will be available for you at no charge.

If you opt for an offline logo maker you wouldn’t get this type of protection as you could forget to save your logos in the proper format, not allowing you to edit them later on and having you to restart the whole process.

Offline logo makers don’t get updates

Most downloaded applications only get updated once or twice for 2-3 years with new logo collections and therefore you can be using some old-fashioned logo collection and not having the proper logo for your company.

With A Logo Maker, all designs are updated in a monthly basis: we refresh our collection every month with more and new designs coming all the time.

Offline Logo makers are obsolete

Offline logo makers were sometimes developed several years ago and their software didn’t get updated, so you may find many bugs if you are using a more recent Operating System. Our Online logo maker tool is always compatible with any browser and it is powered by HTML 5, giving you the best of HTML experience.

Offline logo makers aren’t compatible with your OS

Imagine you find an application that can make logos but it only works on Windows. Well, you have a MAC. The application can even be great but it is not compatible with your Operating System, so you have to quit. Even if it was compatible, you would be facing all the other problems mentioned above. Our Online logo maker tool is compatible with any browser and any OS.

Offline logo makers don’t output in SVG and EPS

We have tested several offline logo makers before putting the effort on developing A Logo maker. Any of them output the logos in vector format and therefore you wouldn’t be able to resize or make adjustments for printing purposes later on. SVG or EPS files are considered the utmost important ones when buying a design.

No Virus or Malware issues

Have you ever had the experience of downloading a piece of software and then find that is was causing your computer to get slow? That is what happens with software that comes with malware. During the installation process they don’t ask you clearly what you want or don’t want to install and in the end of the process you have installed something powered with nasty toolbars and malware.

To avoid all of this, opting for A logo maker would be a wise decision: No no nasty tool bars; all vector formats exported; compatible with your OS and computer; up-to-date and freshly updated with new logos every month and even storing your designs in the cloud!

Use our online logo maker to make your logo